Website development forms an integral part when creating a website. Web design consists of graphic designing and layout part of a website, while website development forms the core part – coding that holds your web applications together. Website development reinforces your web design with the goal of having error-free loading page and a flexible web design to bolster an extending business.

Web applications are a must for organizations, in order to gain scalability, portability, and accessibility. We can create user-friendly web applications, which can help a business house to make a presence felt among the competitors.

We are a premier web development company can help clients by creating extraordinary websites and web-applications, using best-in-class technology, so that it performs well. Also, we can help clients in customizing website according to their requirements. Thus, our web developers can also help the clients by transforming their ideas into realities.

Our web development experts perceive the importance of attractive design, strong data, and integrative branding that helps to connect with the audience easily, as soon as they visit your site. Engagement with the customer is essential in order to help the customers connect with the site and developing loyalty.

Our expert team consisting of designers and developers who works round the clock in order to ensure the basic design parameters remain the same, but adding some functionalities which can make the site highly interactive and also able to make a strong impact on the mind of the audience. With our cutting-edge solutions we can help a business house to get a proper exposure.

Website Development Process

Website Analysis- We study the company requirements, the market competition and the target audience and accordingly we use the best project management methodology for the website development process. We have well tested methodologies which ensure that the end product meets the customer requirements.
Website Planning- We put emphasis on aligning the analysis report with client needs. At MarketMenia we follow an exclusive approach to web development. As and when the customers contact us, we jot down all the customer requirements.
Website Development- Our expertise in various technologies, compliance with the latest web standards and best practices enables us to deliver you constructive results. When the project structure is finalized, we proceed with developing the website design, which is developed in such a way so that it represents the online corporate identity of the client.
Testing, Re-Testing & Delivery of the Website- Our team tests for bugs and fixes it. Lastly our team checks that the program codes and their functionality are thoroughly tested so that the customers can enjoy an error free website development service.